Sustainability portal

The first version of the sustainability portal is here! There you will find digital courses, tools, activities and self-declaration. The portal will take you on a journey from skills development to understandable activities and tools, to reporting in a self-declaration.

The portal comes with a 14-day free, non-binding trial period, where you can test the sustainability portal.


Our dashboard provides a quick and easy overview of status, what you are working on and what the next step is.


The portal is built to be self-service. Should you need help, we are available in the chat and by email.


The sustainability portal has activities and tools that help you achieve your sustainability goals.


Reports in the form of self-declarations show what you have done and what you are working on. This gives an honest picture of your business.


Increase your competence in sustainability and get the tools you need to become more sustainable.


Improvement over time creates results! With us, you get progression, and will be able to more easily see the value of the measures you take.

Not quite convinced?

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