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Activities have been launched

    Activities is a new function where users can create new activities either in connection with a criterion from the self-declaration or the climate accounts. The user can also create an activity completely without association. The main goal of activities is to give users tools to be able to improve and get a more complete self-declaration and / or… Read More »Activities have been launched

    Ecofric's waffles

      The history of waffles at Ecofric is long, waffles became a tradition a few months after the company was established. So today the waffle tradition is barely 2 years old and we are proud of that. We have tried a lot; Telemarksrøra, Høibakk Waffles up to and including Toro. Of the finished pipes it was… Read More »Ecofric's waffles

      Vi leter etter en team lead for utvikling hos Ecofric

      We hire team lead for development

        We hire team lead for development! Are you passionate about development, but can not decide if you like backend or frontend best? Can you design solutions that scale for the future? Then you may be the one we are looking for! Ecofric builds your digital sustainability department to help small and medium-sized businesses with the green… Read More »We hire team lead for development

        Now you can download the detailed report!

          Ecofric's detailed report provides a comprehensive picture of how the company does it within sustainability, divided into categories, subcategories and criteria. The detailed report is a real-time image that retrieves all information from the portal as the company's status is right now. The aim of the report is to provide a good overview of the areas; social conditions, environment… Read More »Now you can download the detailed report!

          The Folkeinvest campaign is open!

            We invite everyone to join the journey! Now you can also become a shareholder in Ecofric! Through our Folkeinvest campaign, you can invest from 1250 kroner, so everyone can join!

            Become an investor in Ecofric

              The Folkeinvest campaign has opened - everyone can join, with a minimum investment of only NOK 1,250 Facts We arrange courses in collaboration with the Business Association in the Drammen region. See more about the courses here. Click here for more information about Ecofric's campaign with Folkeinvest. Click here to read more about investments via Folkeinvest.… Read More »Become an investor in Ecofric