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Data Processor Agreement

Data Processor Agreement

The following suppliers and partners are used on our websites and in our sustainability portal for everyone, both customers and unknown visitors.

To all

Google AnalyticsSo we can understand how our websites and services are used, to provide the best possible user experience.
HubSpotChats, contact forms, visitor statistics and other customer information are stored in HubSpot.

Supplements for customers

The following suppliers and partners are also used for our customers.

HubSpotFor some customers, we store customer profiles in HubSpot to be able to follow up and handle customers in a good way. 
Amazon Web Services AzureThis is where the Sustainability Portal runs. User profiles, activities, history and other data related to the Sustainability Portal are stored here. In addition, backup of stored data is stored here.
TripletexInvoicing, companies and receipts are created, sent and followed up via Tripletex.
AmplitudeWe use Amplitude to analyze flows and usage patterns for users and companies so we can deliver better products and provide better customer support. Anonymised data, but which can be linked to the company and user at the customer through manual entry in our database.
Discount code (s) from partnerUsing discount codes received from a partner by Ecofric, Ecofric may share the name of the organization that has used the code with the partner. No usage data, personal information or other information is disclosed, other than the company name and date of use of the code.