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Terms and conditions


We want to provide a brief and simple summary of the most important contract terms. It is especially important that you understand the following:

  • This agreement is written with the sheep in mind who have evil intentions, such as. greenwashing, subscribing to services for a company they are not affiliated with or want to copy Ecofric's functionality.
  • We want to have satisfied customers who use our service, therefore we have a very simple notice period. You are free to terminate your agreement at any time, and only have a notice period until the end of the month. Ongoing services run until they are terminated.
  • We want to spend our time on more sensible things than invoicing. That is why we send out invoices for 6 months at a time. You are free to terminate the agreement at any time, and will receive a refund of the remaining amount if you terminate your agreement.
  • Ecofric's platform is designed for companies that want to work with profitable sustainability. Other sensitive data that have no direct link to profitable sustainability, we recommend that you store in suitable locations.
  • You as customers are responsible for not doing green washing, misreporting or cheating. Cheating is not sustainable.
  • Ecofric's role is to provide a platform that makes it easier and more understandable to work with sustainability. We will highlight the profitability of implementing measures.
  • You as a customer are fully responsible for following laws and regulations. The information and content provided in Ecofric's products never overrides laws and regulations.

Supplementary contract terms

Conclusion of an agreement

  • The user agreement, including attachments, is entered into between:
    • Ecofric AS (hereinafter referred to as Ecofric), organization number: 924 828 099.
    • The user who has registered himself and a company in Ecofric's system. If a user creates several companies in the portal, the agreement is valid for all companies.
  • This agreement is approved electronically by the Customer upon registration in the portal. Updates and changes to agreements will be presented to the Customer and approved electronically.

Ecofric's duties and rights

  • Ecofric will offer and further develop the portal and associated systems to the best of its ability.
  • Ecofric shall do its best for the highest possible degree of uptime and take measures to ensure this.
  • Ecofric shall, to the best of its ability, correct errors as soon as possible. We will notify the Customer if the severity indicates so.
  • Ecofric can use anonymous analysis data to examine usage patterns and flow. This is to be able to improve the product and to make it easier for the Customer to work with profitable sustainability.
  • In order for Ecofric to be able to provide advice, workshops and more, we reserve the right to look at what activities a company is working on, what activities they have performed and other relevant data.
  • Ecofric is not responsible for data registered by the customer
  • Ecofric can provide access to users who have the right to sign for a company
  • Ecofric's any liability under this agreement, including annexes, shall be limited to direct losses. Indirect losses are not covered. Indirect losses include, for example, loss of profit, loss due to operational interruption, loss of data, loss of loss and claims from third parties. The claim for compensation may not exceed 50% of the total annual remuneration.
  • Ecofric reserves the right to review and evaluate data reported by the customer, either through random sampling, suspected greenwashing or
  • Ecofric reserves the right to refuse to provide services and products, if the Customer has not paid, or has other outstanding.
  • Ecofric reserves the right to suspend, close or report accounts that violate the terms of this agreement or legislation.

The customer's duties and rights

  •  The customer has the right to use the product and have services provided, provided that all other obligations are complied with.
  • Login is personal and should only be used by the given user.
  • Use correct and full names in the portal and services.
  • Customer is responsible for keeping contact information and company information up to date under their profile. 
  • Do not create other companies in Ecofric than the Customer has a mandate and / or right to.
  • Customer has ownership of their registered data.
  • The customer has the right to export his registered data. This is done by contacting Ecofric at
  • Customer shall only use the system for lawful purposes. All illegal use leads to suspension and possible reporting to public authorities.
  • In any case, the customer does not have the right to use the system if the intention is to create or contribute to creating a competitive solution. In case of doubt, contact Ecofric and Customer awaits use of the System until a written response is received. Violation of this point triggers personal liability for Ecofric's market losses and costs associated with the development of relevant functionality.


  • The purpose of processing all data, including personal and company information, is to be able to offer solutions that make sustainability easy for the Customer.
  • Customers own their own data, even though it may be stored by both Ecofric and our third-party suppliers. 
  • Third party vendors do not own any data
  • Customer has the right to export his registered data. This is done by contacting Ecofric at
  • See also Data Processor Agreement and Privacy statement on Ecofric's pages


  • Ecofric invoices semi-annually and in advance. This is to reduce the need for administration. In the event of written notice, the Customer may be reimbursed for any outstanding amounts, which are calculated from the next calendar month. 
  • Invoicing takes place automatically when the customer has ordered one or more services.
  • The price applies per company according to current price list published on Ecofric's website.
  • Ecofric reserves the right to change the prices of services with at least 1 month notice for subscription services.
  • Listed prices are without VAT.


  • The agreement follows the product, and can thus be transferred, for example, by purchasing a product, merger or other change.
  • The agreement is subject to Norwegian law with Asker and Bærum District Court as venue.