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Ecofric's waffles

    The history of waffles at Ecofric is long, waffles became a tradition a few months after the company was established. So today the waffle tradition is barely 2 years old and we are proud of that.

    We have tried a lot; Telemarksrøra, Høibakk Waffles even Toro. Of the finished tubes, it was clear Høibakk's waffles were the best, we tried to start a collaboration where we could order at a discounted price. After much back and forth, such a collaboration could not be resolved, and we had to return to the drawing board.

    The result was that we started experimenting with making our own waffle batter. At the time of writing, we have made our own waffles over 100 times and tested different ingredients to make the best waffles possible, we have used milk, kefir, skimmed culture milk (it remains to test plant-based with almond / soy milk). We have tested a lot of flour, little flour, with sugar, without sugar. But now the waffles have become so good that we no longer think there is any natural place to improve them, but now and now we want to share the recipe.

    Ecofric's waffles:
    3dl Skimmed cultured milk
    3 Eggs
    150-200g Wheat Flour
    1ss Cardamom
    1ts Vanilla Extract
    1ts Salt
    2ts Vanilla Sugar
    1sp Sugar
    1ts Baking powder
    50g Dairy butter
    1ss Water

    The recipe gives approx. 6-8 waffles

    Start by hatching the eggs in a saucepan, then stir in the cardamom, salt, vanilla sugar, sugar, baking powder and vanilla extract. Add a little flour until you get a thick mixture before you add skimmed culture milk and water, then stir in the flour until you get a fairly thick mixture. Find the waffle iron and let the batter swell for 30 minutes. Voila! there you have Ecofric's waffles!

    Once we have reached the top, we believe in further innovation. This has led us to start experimenting with new things such as: carrot cake waffles, waffles with peanut butter in the batter, bacon, smash, maple syrup, banana, jam and ice cream on top, marzipan waffles with dark chocolate and many other exciting varieties.

    We keep a good overview of this, so on a later occasion we will provide an overview of all the fun we have tried. Maybe you should also test waffle day at work? Good tip for you who want to gather employees and build an even better working environment!