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Why care about sustainability?

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    But why should you and your company care about sustainability? Because sustainability is much more than source sorting and the climate crisis. It is about companies making money on viable terms, without causing harm to the environment, people or society. It is about taking care of and managing our resources fairly, and safeguarding basic human rights. Sustainability is not just about reducing your own consumption. It is about contributing to new resources and creating a balance that does not destroy future generations.

    Code red for humanity

    Everything peaked when the UN Climate Panel presented its latest climate report in August 2021. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, described the findings in the climate report as «code red for humanity«. This was followed by: «If we go together now, we can avert a climate catastrophe. But as today's report makes clear, there is no time for either delays or apologies«.

    Climate has therefore received a lot of attention lately, and there has been less focus on the rest of sustainability. When we constantly consume and waste our natural resources at a faster pace, it leads to deforestation and lost biodiversity. This is helping to exacerbate the climate crisis. Then we lose our natural carbon capture, nature. The consequences of the climate and environmental crisis are increased prices and taxes, resource scarcity and the struggle for resources. This increases poverty, hunger and poorer living conditions for the most vulnerable among us.

    So why should you care about sustainability?

    There are both moral, financial and regulatory reasons to care about sustainability. Stricter requirements come, both for the activities a company does (the EU taxonomy), through increased requirements for reporting on sustainability and finally increased requirements for transparency (the Transparency Act). Sustainability is becoming like GDPR, where many companies are not prepared for how laws and requirements will affect them.

    We do not have time to be reactive and act wisely afterwards. Companies must be proactive and prepare for a time when strict requirements will be placed on the company throughout the value chain. The increased requirements primarily affect larger companies. But when larger companies have to report on their entire value chain, the requirements will quickly drip down on their subcontractors - the small and medium-sized companies.

    All companies are affected, either directly or indirectly. If everyone is to be equipped to report on sustainability, simple tools are needed. We have created a tool that is adapted to the individual company actually has to report on. Based on prerequisites, what industry they are in, the scope of business and the activities they do. If we set reporting requirements aside, there are many other reasons why your small or large company should take sustainability seriously.

    We can help you with sustainability

    Ecofric's goal is to create a simple, efficient and relevant solution for small and medium-sized businesses - which grows with the need, requirements and challenges you face. We are your digital sustainability department which helps you understand, improve and report on sustainability. We give you the tools you need to participate in the green shift, so you save time, money and resources.

    Let Ecofric be your helping hand for a more sustainable future!