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Climate accounts for companies have been launched!

    Klimaregnskap for bedrifter fra Ecofric

    Now we have finally launched climate accounting for companies! This makes it easy, clear and measurable for companies to have control over climate emissions, energy consumption, waste production and more! We created a climate and energy account for small and medium-sized companies, which makes it easy and measurable for companies to see progression over time.

    What is a climate account for companies?

    First; What is a climate account for companies and what can it be used for? A climate account, or a climate and energy account as it is actually called, is an overview of the company's climate footprint. The vast majority of climate accounts follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), which divides the climate accounts into 3 parts (also known as scopes). Part 1; direct emissions from incineration and own transport, part 2: energy, district heating and water consumption, part 3: indirect emissions from waste, purchases and sales. To make it as comparable as possible, most emissions are converted into a common unit, CO2e, carbon dioxide equivalent or CO2 equivalent.

    In our climate accounts are used Global Warming Potential (GWP) according to the fifth assessment report (often referred to as AR5). This conversion is based on the global warming potential in a 100-year perspective on emissions. We will update to AR6 which is the most recent assessment report when all the emission factors from this report are clear.

    Our first version

    This is our first version of the climate accounts, so we do not convert all data points to CO2e. Therefore, you will see that some elements, e.g. waste and chemicals, are not converted to CO2e. They remain in the amount and unit of measurement you have chosen to create insight and measurability. We are working to establish a conversion basis for waste, purchased products and goods, but this will take some time because it is important to have emission factors that are as correct as possible.

    You can easily download the results from the climate accounts in the Climate Accounts report which you will find below Documentation and export. Eventually, the result will also be included in the detailed report as you can read more about here.

    Try it today then well!