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We hire team lead for development

    Vi leter etter en team lead for utvikling hos Ecofric

    We hire team lead for development! Are you passionate about development, but can not decide if you like backend or frontend best? Can you design solutions that scale for the future? Then you may be the one we are looking for!

    Ecofric builds your digital sustainability department which will help small and medium-sized businesses with the green shift. It is a digital service that will help companies understand, improve and report on sustainability. So that they can participate in the green shift, without wasting unnecessary time and money on consultants. We are hiring team lead for development now to help change the world for the better.

    Everyday work

    • Overall responsibility for the development team (currently 2)
    • Mentor and promoter of competence development for the development team
    • Planning and estimating, setting release dates and making sure the team gets to the finish line
    • Coding both front- and back-end
    • Architecture and technical path choices together with product manager
    • Hire new developers and build your team bigger over time

    We believe that you

    • Has a few years of experience from development and is passionate about coding
    • Will take the step towards management, without abandoning programming
    • Is solution-oriented, structured and good at planning
    • Will be part of a growing startup that will change the world
    • Likes to find the best possible framework and technology to solve problems

    We use

    • AWS Amplify, Cognito, DynamoDB, +++
    • ReactJS with MUI
    • Urge

    To succeed with us as a team lead for development, we think it pays to be independent, motivated and committed, that you like waffles and that you do not take yourself too seriously. That you appreciate ceiling height, they engage those around you, think that everything can be done better and we mentioned waffles?

    About Ecofric

    • Office in Sætre in Asker municipality
    • Today there are 9 employees
    • Has several major investors
    • Flexibility for office and hybrid solutions

    You can easily apply for the position here, or by contacting me.

    If you have any questions about the position or want more information, please feel free to contact me (Sebastian) 92775000 or