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Why work with sustainability?

    Jordklode på gressplen - Hvorfor jobbe med bærekraft

    You must have thought of that; why should companies work on sustainability every day? How can a small business have a say in a larger context and it's not just an expense at all?

    Let's start at the top. What exactly is sustainability? Sustainability is often defined as: «A development that meets today's needs without destroying the opportunities for future generations to have their needs met.»In a corporate context, reference is often made to ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance. In good Norwegian; Environmental, Social and Business Conditions. It is about risk management of the company and how it affects the environment, society and the economy. Sustainability is much more than the environment!

    A development that meets today's needs without destroying the opportunities for future generations to have their needs met.

    Our common future 1987 from the World Commission for Environment and Development, led by Gro Harlem Brundtland.

    Why you work with sustainability varies from company to company. Some do it because they have read the climate reports from the UN Panel on Climate Change, others do it to win tenders, some do it because it is profitable, and some do it just because they think it is important and right. But if you are going to do any of that in the list below, the first step is to work on sustainability. Maybe you need:

    • Insight into your own company and how sustainable you are
    • Sustainability documentation for tenders and offers
    • Complete climate and energy accounts
    • Recommended changes and improvements on a silver platter
    • Opportunity to report against recognized frameworks
    • Apply for green funds and loans

    We can help you with sustainability

    Your digital sustainability department can help with that, and everything can be done self-service. With us, we take you through a series of questions that end up in a score. Based on your answers, you will easily be able to download one detailed report which can be attached to tenders and loan applications, you will gain insight into how well you are doing in each category and subcategory. In addition, you get the opportunity to create a climate and energy account, which can give you important insight into carbon footprint and consumption.

    Your digital sustainability department that helps you understand, improve and report on sustainability. So that you can participate in the green shift, without wasting unnecessary time and money.