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Now you can download the detailed report!

    Ecofric's detailed report provides a comprehensive picture of how the company does it within sustainability, divided into categories, subcategories and criteria. The detailed report is a real-time image that retrieves all information from the portal as the company's status is right now.

    The aim of the report is to provide a good overview of the areas; social conditions, environment and climate, as well as economics and operations. The report provides an overview of all indicators, and what score the company has achieved per indicator. In this way, the reader of the report can see where the company is doing well and where improvements can be made.

    The report is designed to be shared, both internally and externally. It can, for example, be attached to tenders and offers, such as sustainability documentation in applications, and more.

    See sample report from Ecofric on March 1, 2022 here:

    If you want to read more about the product and how it can help your business with the green shift, you can read more here.