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Become an investor in Ecofric

    Folkeinvest campaign has opened - everyone can join, with a minimum investment of only 1250 kroner


    About Ecofric

    Soon, all companies, including small and medium-sized ones, will report on sustainability. It is challenging since few know what this entails and what to do. Then you need help and tools! That is why Ecofric is now launching Norway's only sustainability platform built with artificial intelligence, where small and medium-sized companies receive simple, tailor-made and profitable measures so that they can become more sustainable. In the platform, there will also be opportunities to develop action plans and report on the work the company does. 

    Why invest in Ecofric? 

    There are over 600,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Norway, all of which will report on sustainability in the near future. Ecofric develops a unique tool built on artificial intelligence, which ensures that the solution is so affordable that all companies can afford to buy it. It is an important competitive advantage with so many SMEs, the market is all 600,000 companies. We work with the best environments in artificial intelligence with IBM and Norce at the forefront. The solution Ecofric develops is scaled for growth and ready for implementation in a minimum of 25 countries. So far, Ecofric has received NOK 2.5 million in support from Innovation Norway, the Viken Regional Research Fund and Asker Municipality. 

    About Folkeinvest

    Folkeinvest AS is a digital investment firm with a license from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Through the platform, investors easily get the opportunity to invest in early-stage companies for small (or larger) amounts, and thus contribute to value creation and new jobs. The "right" to such investment opportunities has previously been mainly reserved only for those with a lot of available capital and the right network. Folkeinvest has seen great growth since the end of 2020 and today has over 17,000 investor profiles on the platform. So far this year, the company has arranged approximately NOK 70 million in 17 issues.

    How to invest in Folkeinvest?

    It is easy for both small and large investors to invest in Ecofric. The minimum amount to become a shareholder is set at NOK 1,250. The campaign has opened and The investment offer can be read in its entirety here. First-time investors must carry out a suitability test in connection with. the subscription of shares. For more information on how to invest, read here (linked to attachments or posted somewhere).